Sunday, November 2, 2008

Playlist 11/2/2008 - Kenny & Bettyanne, Hank, Homer & Jethro, Eddy, Buell, Uncle Dave, Grandpa, Al, and J. E.

Another short show because of a UCONN sports preemption, but we packed in some interesting old music in our hour.

We played a song each from the husband/wife team of Kenny and Bettyanne Roberts. Kenny was the first to record "Blue" which was a hit much later for Lee Ann Rimes. Bettyanne is a fine songwriter and singer, and "Right In Front of Me" is a song she wrote and sang.

We played a couple of Hank Williams songs from a 1949 radio show and then a Hank Williams song parody from Homer & Jethro.

We found several 1945 radio broadcasts of Eddy Arnold and The Checkerboard Fun Fest, and put on one of those shows that included the DeZurik Sisters, known as the "Cackle Sisters" on the Fun Fest.

In an acknowledgment of current events, we played some early 20th century songs about elections and politics (we are strictly an apolitical show and only play historical political songs). From the early old time and hillbilly songs we picked, it seemed the primary issue of concern for Buell H. Kazee, the Carolina Night Hawks, and Uncle Dave Macon between 1927 and 1929 was the repeal of prohibition. On a slightly more serious note, Grandpa Jones took sides against communism in support of private property in 1952.

We finished with a couple of old string band tunes from and Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters and J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers. The latter did a song he heard a drunken fiddler perform just prior the man being hit and killed by a passing train. J. E. went back the next day to the scene of the mishap, collected the remains of the man's fiddle, and repaired it to be one of his first instruments.

You can hear the show again at this link.

Jim & Marti

Title / Artist / Album / Label

  • Hattie Dalton "Old Red Rooster Party" Introduction (1994)
  • Religion Is A Fortune (1949) / The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet / Complete Recorded Works Vol. 6 / Document
  • Blue (1988) / Kenny Roberts / You're My Kind of People / Bluebonnet
  • Right In Front of Me / Bettyanne Roberts / The Singer - The Songwriter / Self produced
  • You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) (1949) / Hank Williams / The Final Sessions / Proper
  • A Tramp On The Street (1949) / Hank Williams / The Final Sessions / Proper
  • Your Clobbered Heart (1953) / Homer & Jethro / Volume 3 / B.A.C.M
  • Eddy Arnold and The Checkerboard Fun Fest (1945) / Radio Program with The Cackle (DeZurik) Sisters, Louis Buck, Shelby Jean Davis, Speedy McNett, etc.
  • Election Day In Kentucky - Part 1 (1929) / Buell H. Kazee / Mountain Frolic / JSP
  • Election Day In Kentucky - Part 2 (1929) / Buell H. Kazee / Mountain Frolic / JSP
  • Governor Al Smith For President (1927) / Carolina Night Hawks / Music From The Lost Provinces / Old Hat
  • Governor Al Smith (1928) / Uncle Dave Macon / Classic Sides / JSP
  • I'm No Communist (1952) / Grandpa Jones / You're Never Too Old For Love / B.A.C.M
  • Black Eyed Susie (1927) / Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters / Mountain Frolic / JSP
  • Drunkard's Hiccups (1939) / J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers / 1935-1939 / B.A.C.M

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