Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fred Tales - 11/16/2008

If you have listened to RRP for a while, perhaps you have heard us talk about Fred.

Fred was a beagle -- or mostly beagle (Marti called him a "bagle") -- who adopted us right after we moved to Maryland when he was just a pup. He had moved into the woods outside our home just before the previous residents moved, and then cautiously watched us until he decided we were worthy.

That was over 16 years ago. Fred passed away 16 October 2008.

Fred turned out to be one of the best friends we ever had. He and Marti had a bond that went beyond the typical human-animal relationship. She literally knew what Fred was thinking at any time, and I believe he knew what Marti was thinking.

Fred was an outdoor farm dog until we moved to Connecticut. The proximity of the house to the road along with the cold winters influenced us to let him move inside with us. Not only that, but because he was not capable of staying in the house by himself throughout a whole workday, Marti took him to school daily. It is rare to be able to take a dog to work these days, but Watkinson School allowed that to happen, and in doing so provided Fred many new friends, provided therapy for students, and perhaps extended Fred's life.

In the times we couldn't have Fred with us, Baywood Kennels was his most excellent home-away-from-home. We couldn't have been luckier to have them nearby.

For this show we played songs and comedy bits about dogs or mentioning dogs, and we told "Fred Tales" -- stories we gathered about Fred over the years -- between sets.

We hope you enjoyed our tribute to Fred, and all dogs everywhere.

Song (Year) / Artist / Album / Label

  • Hattie Dalton "Old Red Rooster Party" Introduction (1994)
  • Noah / Golden Gate Quartet / Radio Transcriptions 1941-1944 / Document
  • Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Aroun' (1927) / The Skillet-Lickers / Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1 / Document
  • Old Rattler (c.1975) / Grandpa Jones / An American Original / CMH
  • How Much is That Hound Dog in the Window (c.1955) / Homer & Jethro / Lassoes 'N Spurs / BMG
  • The Dog and the Bear (c.1980s) / Jerry Clower / More Good 'Uns / MCA
  • Fred Tale: Fred rescues Marti from two big dogs
  • Old Blue (1964) / The Dillards / There is a Time / Vanguard
  • Dog House Boogie / Hawkshaw Hawkins / Best of the Best 1921-1963 / Gusto
  • Choc'late Ice Cream Cone (1950) / Kenny Roberts / Jumpin' & Yodelin' / Bear Family
  • Fred Tale: Fred's barn surprise
  • Tennessee Hound Dog (1977) / The Osborne Brothers / From Rocky Top To Muddy Bottom / CMH
  • Dog (1989) / The Eddie Adcock Band / Dixie Fried / CMH
  • Bull Dog in Sunny Tennessee (1962) / Dock Walsh with The Carolina Tar Heels / Doggone Country / CMH
  • Crack, W.L., and Rover (1984) / Jerry Clower / Classic Clower Power / MCA
  • Fred Tale: Fred and the grandma deer
  • Oh Where is My Little Dog Gone (1927) / Al Hopkins and His Bucklebusters / The Hill Billies Volume 3 / Document
  • The Poodle Dog Song (1950) / Jimmie Davis / Doggone Country / CMH
  • Dad Gave My Dog Away (1948) / T. Texas Tyler / The Best Of T. Texas Tyler / Collector's Choice
  • Fred Tale: Fred and the cat team to hunt voles
Mayberry Corner Trivia: In the "Dogs Dogs Dogs" episode, where does Barney take the dogs when the state inspector is coming?
Answer: Barney drove them to a field out in the country
  • Salty Dog Blues (1945) / Morris Brothers / Salty Dog Blues / BACM
  • Bird Dog Hunt Off (1998) / Jerry Clower / Peaches & Possums / MCA
  • Dirty Old Egg-sucking Dog (1966) / Johnny Cash / The Essential 1955-1983 / Columbia
  • Fred Tale: Fred and Bob's great adventure
  • Hound Dog (1960s) / Hoosier Hot Shots / Doggone Country / CMH
  • Beagle Hound (2000s) / Mac Wiseman / 1st Recorded Live Concert / Wise
  • Echo Mountain (2004) / James King / The Bluegrass Storyteller / Rounder
  • I Found My Best Friend In The Dog Pound (1963) / Burl Ives / A Little Bitty Tear / Bear Family
  • Fox Chase (1959) / Earl Taylor and the Stoney Mountain Boys / Mountain Music Bluegrass Style / Smithsonian Folkways
  • Fred Tales: Fred and road kill
  • Did You See My Dog Mr. (1999) / Joe Leggo / Always Country / Self
  • Old Shep (1941) / Red Foley / As Good as it Gets / Disky
  • Dog And Gun (c.1975) / Grandpa Jones / An American Original / CMH
  • Black Labs (1980s) / Lewis Grizzard / The Best Of Lewis Grizzard / Southern Tracks
  • Old Rattler's Pup (1969) / Grandpa Jones / Everybody's Grandpa / Bear Family
  • Old Blue (1960s) / Louisiana Honeydrippers / Doggone Country / CMH
  • Chattanooga Dog (1971) / Jimmy Martin / 1954-1974 / Bear Family
  • Newgene And The Lion (1980s) / Jerry Clower / Jerry Clower's Greatest Hits / MCA
  • Recitation: Rainbow Bridge
  • Let Your Light Shine On Me (2007) / Blue Around The Edges / Heaven's Front Door / Self-produced

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