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Playlist - 10/11/2015 - Introducing Joe Bussard

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Though UCONN sports continues to whittle our show by an hour most Sundays, we are pressing forward with some of the most interesting music you can find anywhere.
Joe Bussard in his Basement Studio
Today we introduced a new program to WHUS.  As part of Red Rooster Party, we now have a half-hour program of Joe Bussard's Country Classics.  Joe is one of the worlds's best known collectors of 78 RPM shellac records of early country, hillbilly, gospel, blues, and jazz -- especially covering the 1920s and 1930s.  Joe at age 79 has spent most of his life, since he was nine years old, collecting 78 records, for years going door-to-door seeking them out from folks who had them squirreled away in closets and basements, and at old country stores with original store stock.  As a result, Joe's collection is unmatched in quality and content.  We are greatly gifted to have Joe present selections from his collection on our show, all directly from his 78s.
Joe Bussard with part of his collection
To get ready for Joe's debut show, we played a track from the new South Carolina Broadcasters album to be released Tuesday, Bradley Kincaid, Roscoe Holcomb, a 45 single from Patti Powell, Little Jimmy Dickens, and a haunting gospel number from the Cooke Duet.

Joe Bussard's segment included a number from Eck Robertson, one of the earliest country records ever made, and Uncle Dave Macon, Earl Johnson, Sam McGee, The Prairie Ramblers, the raucous Mississippi Jook Band, and the inimitable Blue Sky Boys.

You can hear Joe's first WHUS show here.

Tune in next week for more of this classic greatness on Red Rooster Party with Joe Bussard's Country Classics.  Let us know if you like what you heard.  Joe and I both love the feedback.

Joe's email is:  joesvintage78 (at)
Jim's email is:  jbeaverjr (at)

Jim Beaver

Artist / Song / Album / Label / Year

  • Golden Gate Quartet / Travelin' Shoes / Complete Recorded Works / Document / 1938
  • The South Carolina Broadcasters / Backstep Cindy / Tell Me Truly / John Boy & Billy / 2015
  • Bradley Kincaid / Liza Up In The 'Simmon Tree / A Man And His Guitar / JSP / 1929
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Ramblers / Cricket On the Hearth / Galax, Virginia Old Fiddler's Convention / Old Blue / 2010
  • Roscoe Holcomb / Trouble in Mind / Classic Old-Time Music From Smithsonian Folkways / Smithsonian Folkways / 1961
  • Patti Powell / Your Boots Are By The Door / 45 RPM Single / Hickory / 1971
  • Skeets Martin and Friends / Wheels / Turning Back The Years (Instrumentally) / Self-released / 2001
  • "Little" Jimmy Dickens / Take an Old Cold 'Tater (and Wait) / Columbia Country Classics - Honky Tonk Heroes / Columbia / 1949
  • The Cooke Duet / Where Will I Shelter My Sheep / 45 RPM Single / Self-released / c.1966

Joe Bussard's Country Classics #1 

  • Eck Robertson / Sally Gooden / 78 RPM Single / Victor / 1922
  • Uncle Dave Macon / Whoop 'Em Up, Cindy / 78 RPM Single / Vocalion / 1926
  • Earl Johnson & His Dixie Clodhoppers / I've Got a Woman on Sourwood Mountain / 78 RPM Single / Okeh / 1927
  • The Prairie Ramblers / The Music Goes 'Round And Around / 78 RPM Single / Perfect / 1936
  • Sam McGee / Railroad Blues / 78 RPM single / Champion / 1934
  • Mississippi Jook Band / Skippy Whippy / 78 RPM Single / Melotone / 1936
  • The Blue Sky Boys / Turn Your Radio On / 78 RPM Single / Bluebird / 1940
The intro and outro for Joe's segment is "Lost Child" by The Stripling Brothers, 1928.

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