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Playlist - 11/30/2014 - Early Bluegrass

Jim's copy of "Just Let Me Fall" (1952)
Hi Folks,

Taking a cue from the midnight fill-in that Jim did early Saturday morning, this entire edition of Red Rooster Party consisted of early bluegrass music focused in the early 1950s.

Jim's copy of "Old Grey Goose" (1948)

Most of the songs were from JSP collections, a reissue label based in the UK, but we have some of the originals as well (see the illustrations.)


Marti, our Red Rooster "Idea Person," suggested during the show that we run a songwriting contest for all talented, untalented, mostly human, tone deaf, musically-challenged, first-grade-graduates who know the difference between a polecat and a politician (or perhaps not).   


1. Title grabs you before the judges' store-bought teeth fall out or first sound of a note
2. Must include some number of the following topics:  trucks, trains, drinkin', cheatin', prison, mother, possums, kittens, shotguns, skunk cabbage, whitewashing, mules, hound dogs, overalls, outhouses.  More points for more topics used.  Creative additions are good for more points.
3. Song can be in the genres of old time, blues, bluegrass, gospel, or novelty
4. Song must be 3 minutes or less
5. Points will be awarded based on:  song title creativity, number of key topics used or creative additions, and the sensibility of the lyric (a jumble of words just won't do)
6. A recording must be submitted along with the lyrics.  Format can be anything from CD, cassette tape, MP3, or other.  May use any instrument(s) or none at all.
7. Submissions must be received by December 30, 2014.  Winners will be announced on Red Rooster Party January 4, 2015 or the first show not preempted after that date.  The song will be played on the show, or winners will have the option of performing the song live on the show. Our e-mail address will be provided to anyone requesting it via the comments on this page.  Mailed submissions can be sent to:

WHUS Radio
Attn:  Jim & Marti Red Rooster Party
UCONN, Student Union Building , Room 412
2110 Hillside Road , Unit 3008R
Storrs, CT 06268-3008

8. NO TALENT REQUIRED (or expected)

Now get those creative juices flowing!

Tune in next week, good Lord or UCONN sports preemptions willing and the creek don't rise

Jim & Marti

Artist / Song / Notes

  • Golden Gate Quartet / In That Great Getting Up Morning / 1944 NBC Thesaurus 986
  • Larry Richardson and Happy Smith & the Blue Ridge Boys / Just Let Me Fall / 1952
  • Virginia Trio (Jim & Jesse McReynolds) / Let Me Travel Alone / late 1951 Radio Station WPFB Middletown, OH - Jim And Jesse McReynolds With The Sweet Mountain Boys, Lawrence “Larry” Roll [ld vcl-gt], David Emon “Dave” Woolum [bass])
  • The Osborne Brothers and Red Allen / Ho, Honey, Ho / RCA Victor Studio, Methodist Television Radio & Film Commission, 1525 McGavock Street, Nashville, TN: Saturday 29th December 1956 Bobby Osborne (high tnr vcl-bjo-mand); Sonny Osborne (vcl-bjo); Red Allen (vcl-gtr); Gordon Terry (fdl); Ernie Newton (stg)
  • Jim Eanes and His Shennandoah Valley Boys / Long Journey Home / Radio Station WPAQ Mt. Airy, N.Car: September 1951 with Neely Gilfillen (tnr vcl-gtr); Hubert Davis (bjo); Pee Wee Davis (fdl); Roy Russell (bari vcl-fdl); Joe Johnson (vcl-4-bari vcl-5); Benjamin “Benny” Jarrell (stb)
  • Wade Mainer and The Mountaineers / Blue Ridge Mountain Blues / ca.1953
  • Enos Johnson & Sonny Osborne / Sugar Coated Love / 1953 Gateway Studio- Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, OH – Sonny Osborne (Sonny Osborne [vcl-gt], Carlos Brock [vcl-gt], Enos Johnson [vcl-mandolin], Smokey Ward [bass], Billy Thomas [fiddle])
  • Dee Stone And His Virginia Mountain Boys / Pilot Mountain / Radio Station WPAQ Mt. Airy, N.Car: 1952 (fdl); Paul Jefferson (bjo); Leonard Wall (vcl-gtr); Joseph “Joe” Fulcher (vcl-gtr); Harold Jorden (stg bs)
  • Jim & Jesse McReynolds / I'll Wash Your Love From My Heart / 13 June 1952 Castle Studio, The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN - Jim and Jesse (Jim McReynolds, Jesse McReynolds, Curley Seckler [gt], Hoke Jenkins [banjo], Bob Moore [bass], Sonny James [fiddle])
  • The Church Brothers and Their Blue Ridge Ramblers / An Angel With Blue Eyes / Radio Station WPAQ Mt. Airy, N.Car: May 1952 Bill Church (ld vcl-gtr); Ralph Church (tnr vcl-mand); Gar Bowers (bjo); Ward Eller (vcl-gtr); Ralph Pennington (stg bs)
  • Sonny Osborne / I'll Stay Around / 1952 Gateway Studio, Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, OH – Sonny Osborne (Sonny Osborne [vcl-gt], Carlos Brock [vcl-gt], Enos Johnson [vcl-mandolin], Smokey Ward [bass], Billy Thomas [fiddle])
  • Dee Stone and The Melody Hillbillies / Mountain Swing / Radio Station WPAQ Mt. Airy, N.Car: 1950 Dee Stone (fdl); Frederick “Fred” Murphy (gtr); Dewey Murphy (mand); Joseph “Joe” Medford (bjo); John Murphy (stg bs)
  • Hack Johnson and His Tennesseeans / Home Sweet Home / 1953 Colonial: guitarist Hack Johnson, banjoist Allen Shelton, fiddler Roy Russell, guitarist Curley Howard, bassist Joe "Flapjack" Philips
  • Glen Neaves and The Grayson County Boys / Old Swinging Bridge / Radio Station WPAQ Mt. Airy, N.C.: 1951 (ld vcl-1-fdl); Wilbert “Bill” Patton (gtr); Cecil Kinzer (gtr); John Summers (bari vcl-mand); Jessie Neaves (tnr vcl); Raymond Swinney (bjo)
  • Hack Johnson and His Tennesseeans / Crazy Banjo Medley / 1953 Colonial: guitarist Hack Johnson, banjoist Allen Shelton, fiddler Roy Russell, guitarist Curley Howard, bassist Joe "Flapjack" Philips
  • The Brammer Brothers and The Virginia Partners / Tell Me Truly Little Darling / 1951 Mutual: Troy and Joyce, the Brammer Brothers (VA)
  • Carolina Sunshine Trio / Cornbread & Butterbeans / c.1948-50
  • Allen Shelton / Allen's Dream / 1953 Colonial: guitarist Hack Johnson, banjoist Allen Shelton, fiddler Roy Russell, guitarist Curley Howard, bassist Joe "Flapjack" Philips
  • Bowes Brothers / Stop Knocking On My Door / The Bowes Brothers were a popular local act in the 1950s from Roxboro, NC. They recorded this record on Mutual, Dee Stone's record label. The B side, which was actually better than the A side, featured banjo picking and singing from a man named Claude Yeatts
  • Alex Campbell (North Carolina Ridge Runners) / You Were Only Teasing Me / 1947 Security
  • Lilly Brothers / They Sleep Together Now At Rest / 1948 Page
  • Carl Sauceman and His Green Valley Boys / I'll Be An Angel Too / ca. June 1953 Nashville, TN - Carl Sauceman and Green Valley Boys Carl Sauceman [vcl-rh gt], poss Monroe Fields [mandolin], Frederick ”Fred" “Sparkplug” Richardson [banjo], J.P. Sauceman [bass], James “Jim” Brock [fiddle], Alfred Donald “Don” McHan [hmny]
  • Dave Woolum And Noah Crase / Rolling Stone / Cincinnati, OH: Excellent 1955 Dave Woolum (vcl-gtr); Noah Crase (5 stg bjo)
  • Red Belcher & The Kentucky Ridgerunners / The Old Grey Goose / Johnstown, Pa: 1948 Page: Finley Duncan “Red” Belcher (vcl- bjo); Benjamin F. “Tex” Logan (fdl); Mitchell Burt “Bea” Lilly (gtr); Charles Everett Lilly (mand); Smilie Sutter (gtr); Don Kidwell (stb)
  • Marvin Cobb, Frank Wakefield & The Chain Mountain Boys / New Camptown Races / 1957 Wayside
  • Toby Stroud & The Blue Mountain Boys / Jesse James / Radio Station WRVA Richmond, Va: 1954 Toby Stroud (vcl-fdl); James “Jimmy” Snyder (gtr); Edward “Eddie” Johnson (bjo); Unk (stg bs) poss Burkett Howard “Josh” Graves (dobro)
  • Pee Wee Lambert & Curley Parker with their Pine Mountain Boys / Weary Hobo / 1952 Rich-R-Tone
  • L. C. Smith & Ralph Mayo & the Southern Mountain Boys / Radio Boogie / 1954 Kingsport 108 (A side). LC Smith was a fiddler of some renown
  • Ted Lundy / I've Never Been So Lonesome / 1953

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