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Playlist 7/7/2013 - Charlie Louvin, Delmore Brothers, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Slim Whitman

Hi Folks,

We laughed a lot on this show, mostly  because Marti is just naturally funny, but we were having a great time.  We hope you enjoyed it as well.

Being Independence Day weekend, we followed our Golden Gate Quartet opener with the Georgia Tech Glee Club singing a verse of "To Anacreon In Heaven," the old English drinking song that became the melody of "The Star Spangled Banner."  Marti followed up in Marti's Bunkhouse with more patriotic-themed Western music which we will get to below.

Charlie Louvin died in 2011, but he would have had a birthday on this day, so we celebrated the man and his music, including that of the Louvin Brothers, with a big set covering the span of his entire career.

Alton & Rabon Delmore
Because the Louvins did an album of music in tribute to the Delmore Brothers from which we played, we also did a set of Delmore Brothers music.  That led to a Doc Watson tune that he got from the Delmore Brothers, and that led to the first meeting of Doc Watson and Merle Travis, and that led to the Merle Travis song that Doc praised during their first meeting.  Whew!  Everything seems to be connected, as Red Rooster Party often demonstrates.

We played a short daily radio program from Eddy Arnold and The Checkerboard Fun Fest that included the incomparable DeZurik Sisters who were known on the Fun Fest as "The Cackle Sisters."

Marti's Bunkhouse included some Gene Autry music including a couple of patriotic pieces from the 1940s, plus a recording from Gene's radio show of his actual enlistment into the U.S. Army Air Force in 1942.  Marti followed that with a couple of early female-led Western numbers by Girls of the Golden West and Patsy Montana, a couple of songs from early cowboy singer Jules Verne Allen and Jimmy Wakely, and then on the day after the 15th anniversary of his passing, a set of great songs from Roy Rogers.

Slim Whitman
We finished with a couple of tunes from the late Slim Whitman who just died June 19, 2013, and closed with a hilarious tune, "Jim's Windy Mule," from the Prairie Ramblers that was originally issued under the band name Sweet Violet Boys so as not to sully their good name.  You can imagine why the mule was "windy."

Join the fun again next Sunday with Marti and Jim on Red Rooster Party!

Marti & Jim

Marti's Bunkhouse in blue

Title / Artist / Album / Label

  • Introduction (1994) / Aunt Hattie Dalton
  • Swing Down, Chariot (1946) / Golden Gate Quartet / Complete Recorded Works V.5 / Document
  • Anacreontic Song (To Anacreon In Heaven) (2011) / Georgia Tech Glee Club / Engineers Are People, Too! / Self-produced
  • Hoping That You're Hoping (1956) / Louvin Brothers / 20 All-Time Greatest Hits / King
  • The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea (1958) / Louvin Brothers / 20 Greatest Gospel Hits / King
  • Cash On The Barrelhead (2009) / Charlie Louvin / Hickory Wind: Live at the Gram Parsons Guitar Pull Waycross GA / Tompkins Square
  • Worried Man Blues (2007) / Charlie Louvin / Self-titled / Tompkins Square
  • Weary Lonesome Blues (1960) / Louvin Brothers / A Tribute To The Delmore Brothers / Gusto
  • Brown's Ferry Blues (1933) / Delmore Brothers / Classic Cuts 1933-41 / JSP
  • Blue Railroad Train (1933) / Delmore Brothers / Classic Cuts 1933-41 / JSP
  • Put Me On The Trail To Carolina (1936) / Delmore Brothers / Classic Cuts 1933-41 / JSP
  • The Last Old Shovel (1945) / Delmore Brothers / The Later Years 1933-1952 / JSP
  • Nashville Blues (1964) / Doc Watson / Self-titled / Vanguard
  • First Meeting (Dialog) (1971) / Doc Watson & Merle Travis / Will The Circle Be Unbroken / EMI
  • The Courtship Of Second Cousin Claude (1963) / Merle Travis / Back Home-Songs Of The Coalmines / Bear Family
  • Eddy Arnold & The Checkerboard Fun Fest (1945) / Eddy Arnold, Dezurik Sisters, Louis Buck, Shelby Jean Davis, Speedy McNett / Radio Transcription / na
  • America The Beautiful (1949) / Gene Autry / The Cowboy is a Patriot / Varese Sarabande
  • Ridin’ Down the Canyon (1935) / Gene Autry / The Last Round Up / Synergy
  • Gene Autry Is Sworn Into The USAAF by Col. Edward F. Shaffer (1942) / Gene Autry / The Cowboy Is A Patriot / Varese Sarabande
  • Private Buckaroo (1942) / Sgt. Gene Autry / The Cowboy Is A Patriot / Varese Sarabande
  • Round-up Time in Texas (1933) / Girls of the Golden West / Flowers In The Wildwood / Trikont
  • My Poncho Pony (1939) / Patsy Montana / Flowers In The Wildwood / Trikont
  • Little Joe The Wrangler (1928) / Jules Vern Allen / Singing In The Saddle / Rounder
  • Lonely is the Hunter (1958) / Jimmy Wakely / The Singing Cowboy / Varese Sarabande
  • (There’ll Never Be Another) Pecos Bill (1948) / Roy Rogers, Foy Willing & Riders of the Purple Sage / The Roy Rogers Collection / Rhino
  • Tumbling Tumbleweeds (1953) / Roy Rogers & Sons of the Pioneers / The Roy Rogers Collection / Rhino
  • Hoppy, Gene and Me (1974) / Roy Rogers / The Roy Rogers Collection / Rhino
  • Happy Trails (1952) / Roy Rogers, Dale Evans / The Roy Rogers Collection / Rhino
  • Indian Love Call (1951) / Slim Whitman / Vintage Collections / Capitol
  • There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop (1953) / Slim Whitman / Vintage Collections / Capitol
  • Jim's Windy Mule (1935) / Sweet Violet Boys aka Prairie Ramblers / Jim's Windy Mule / B.A.C.M

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