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Playlist 6/9/2013 - Horses, Radio Transcriptions, and Marti's Bunkhouse

Hi Folks!

Marti and I were back after suffering sports preemptions for the past two weeks.  It appears we will have about two months before that possibility returns.

Today's show featured several topics, the first being horses.  We put together about a half-hour of songs about horses, horse racing, horses as scenery for other events, and even finished with a mule.  Later on Marti continued the horse theme for most of her western segment, "Marti's Bunkhouse."

We played a 1944 radio transcription of Charlie Monroe & The Kentucky Pardners from Winston Salem, North Carolina.  They packed a lot of music into those 15-20 minute shows along with the requisite advertisements.  In Charlie's case, the sponser was Man-O-Ree, a type of patent laxative.  "Man-O-Ree is compounded of only the best roots, herbs, and other ingredients by a registered pharmacist."

We also played a set of children's songs from way back, inspired by my acquisition of most of the recorded works of the Georgia Yellow Hammers -- string band contemporaries of The Skillet Lickers.  Not only did they record one of the first versions of Johnson's Old Grey Mule which appears to have been the source for the definitive version by J.E. Mainer, but they also recorded a great children's song about doodle bugs (ant lion larvae) that inspired the set.

We played a set of country hits from the year 1951 from a volume of a series of year-by-year hits from the folks at Bear Family.

Other notable artists on this show included:
Texas Ruby

  • Cliff Carlisle - a contemporary of Jimmie Rodgers who had a very prolific song writing and recording career.  Cliff wrote "Goodbye Old Pal" which was purchased by Bill Monroe who made it even more famous
  • Jimmie Driftwood (James Morris) - an Arkansas schoolteacher-turned-folk-musician who wrote "Tennessee Stud" and many other story songs like "Battle of New Orleans" 
  • Earl Johnson - wild man of the Georgia string band musicians and a fiery fiddler
  • Pappy "Gube" Beaver - no relation to Jim, but a Knoxville musician who recorded eight sides for Capitol in the 1940s.  Pappy is in his 90s and still preaches in Ohio.  Check out his website here
  • Texas Ruby (Ruby Owens Fox) - pioneering female country artist, sister to Tex Owens (writer of "Cattle Call"), and wife of Curly Fox.  She died in a house fire in Nashville in 1963 while her husband was performing on the Opry
  • Homer Briarhopper - character from the cast of The Briarhoppers - the house band of early WBT radio in Charlotte NC.  The Briarhoppers still exist today.  Check out their blog here
  • Jimmy Murphy - talented guitarist (played in open E) and strong vocalist who never hit big, but made some great music if you can find it.  His hit song was "Electricity" which we played here

We hope you are enjoying the return of Red Rooster Party.  If there is some old music you would like to hear, please let us know.  You can either respond in the comments of this blog, or send an e-mail to redroosterparty (at)

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We hope you can join us next Sunday 2-4pm ET.

Jim & Marti

* requests
Marti's Bunkhouse in blue

Song / Artist / Album / Label
  • Introduction (1994) / Hattie Dalton              
  • Didn't It Rain (1941) / Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet / Complete Recorded Works V.4/Document
  • Molly And Tenbrooks (1947) / Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys / Blue Moon of Kentucky / Bear Family
  • Goodbye Old Pal (1934) / Cliff Carlisle / A Country Legacy 1930-1939 / JSP
  • My Old Saddle Horse Is Missing (1936) / Fred Kirby, Don White, Cliff Carlisle / Classic Country Sides 19330-1936 / JSP
  • Tennessee Stud (1957) / Jimmie Driftwood / Americana / Bear Family
  • Six White Horses (1940) / Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys / Blue Moon of Kentucky / Bear Family
  • Old Grey Mare Kicking Out Of The Wilderness (1927) / Earl Johnson / Complete Recorded Works V.1 / Document
  • Johnson's Old Grey Mule (1927) / Georgia Yellow Hammers  /Johnson's Old Grey Mule / B.A.C.M
  • Charlie Monroe & The Kentucky Pardners Radio Transcription, 1944, Winston Salem, NC/Early Country Radio/JSP

Opening Theme and Introduction 

Watermelon On The Vine
Daisy Mae
Happy Day
Man-O-Ree Commercial                    
Going Around The World
White House Blues
Gone And Left Me Blues
Chicken Reel
Valley Of Peace
Heading For Gloryland
Closing Theme

  • Automobile Of Life (1946) / Pappy "Gube" Beaver / The Golden Age of Country Music / Cattle
  • Have I Waited Too Long To Regret (1947) / Texas Ruby (Ruby Owens Fox) / The Golden Age of Country Music / Cattle
  • Bronco Bustin' Blues (1929) / Phil Pavey / A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me / Jasmine
  • A Four Legged Friend (1952) / Roy Rogers / A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me / Jasmine
  • Trail Rider's Moon (1949) / Slim Clark / A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me / Jasmine
  • Over The Trail (1940) / Elton Britt / A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me / Jasmine
  • Back In The Saddle Again (1939) / Gene Autry / Boots, Buckles, & Spurs / Sony BMG
  • Strawberry Roan (1960) / Marty Robbins / Boots, Buckles, & Spurs / Sony BMG
  • Tennessee Walking Horse (c.1950) / Cass County Boys / Cowboy Country / Jasmine
  • *Big Iron (1960) / Marty Robbins / Songs Of The West / Rhino
  • Get Along Old Paint (1936) / Fred Kirby / The Original "Atomic Power" / Cattle
  • Skyball Paint (1935) / Sons Of The Pioneers / Classic Cowboy Songs (radio transcription) / Varese Sarabande
  • *I'll Fly Away (2000) / Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch / O Brother, Where Art Thou? / Mercury
  • Song Of The Doodle Bug (1928) / Georgia Yellow Hammers / Johnson's Old Grey Mule / B.A.C.M
  • I Am Just What I Am (1938) / Homer Briarhopper (Homer Lee Drye) / The Story That The Crow Told Me / Yazoo
  • Liza Up In The Simmon Tree (1929) / Bradley Kincaid / The Story That The Crow Told Me / Yazoo
  • The Shot Gun Boogie (1951) / Tennessee Ernie / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / Bear Family
  • The Golden Rocket (1951) / Hank Snow / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / Bear Family
  • Electricity (1951) / Jimmy Murphy / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / Bear Family
  • Will You Meet Me Over Yonder (1946) / Blue Sky Boys / On Radio - Volume One / Copper Creek

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