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Playlist - 2/16/2014 - Carter Family Redux, Uncle Dave

Hi Folks!

Uncle Dave Macon

It has been a while since we played Uncle Dave Macon, so we played a couple of songs from his last commercial recording session (Charlotte NC, 26 January 1938).  We also heard from Georgia songster, Lowe Stokes and Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters.  The alternate name of Hopkins' group was The Hill Billies which is the source of the term for this early country music.

We also presented four tracks from the resurrected Carter Family from 1956.  The original Carter Family with A.P., Sara, and Maybelle Carter essentially ended in October 1941 several years after A.P. and Sara had divorced.  In 1952, Acme Records owner Clifford Spurlock asked A.P. and Sara if they would reunite and make more recordings with the intention of offering them through Sears Roebuck.  They agreed and added their children, Joe and Janette, to replace Maybelle who was already having success with The Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle.  They recorded about 26 songs in 1952 for Acme and about another 32 in 1956.  It is not clear how many recordings the "comeback" Carter Family made for Acme because previously-unknown recordings are still surfacing.

Marti's Bunkhouse included Western songs from the big screen sung by Dickson Hall, Roy Rogers, and Gene Autry, and some other gems from Johnny Bond, Sons of the Pioneers, Riders In The Sky, The Bar J Wranglers, and Don Edwards with Waddie Mitchell.

We hope you enjoyed the show.  We should be back March 2nd for a one-hour show.  We hope you will join us.

Jim & Marti

Marti's Bunkhouse in blue

Title / Artist / Album or Source / Label

We were supposed to be absent for this show, and had pre-recorded one hour for Amy to use in our absence.  Circumstances changed, and we were here after all.  We picked up Red Rooster Party at the end of the UCONN baseball game and played music live until the last hour when we played the pre-recorded segment.  The live segment started the show:
  • The High Toned Dance (2011)/Skip Gorman/A Herder's Call/Old West
  • Doney Gal (2011)/Skip Gorman/A Herder's Call/Old West
  • Cross-Eyed Gal (1996)/Skip Gorman/Lonesome Prairie Love/Rounder
  • Darling, Think Of What You've Done (1946)/Blue Sky Boys/On Radio - Volume Four/Copper Creek
  • Advertisement (1946)/Blue Sky Boys/On Radio - Volume Four/Copper Creek
  • Leather Britches (1946)/Blue Sky Boys/On Radio - Volume Four/Copper Creek
  • The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Never Was A Married Man (1927)/Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright/Good For What Ails You/Old Hat
The pre-recorded segment follows:
  • Introduction (1994) / Aunt Hattie Dalton / Personal Interview / .
  • Won't There Be One Happy Time (1937) / Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet / Complete Recorded Works V.1 / Document
  • Give Me Back My Five Dollars (1938) / Uncle Dave Macon / Volume 2: Classic Cuts 1924-1938 / JSP
  • Johnny Grey (1938) / Uncle Dave Macon / Volume 2: Classic Cuts 1924-1938 / JSP
  • Four Cent Cotton (1930) / Lowe Stokes / Volume 1 - 1927-1930 / Document
  • The Feller That Looked Like Me (1927) / Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters Volume 3 - 1927-1928 / Document
  • Ship Ahoy (1953) / The Carter Family / The Acme Sessions / JSP
  • Wayworn Traveller (1956) / The Carter Family / The Acme Sessions / JSP
  • Grave On The Green Hillside (1956) / The Carter Family / The Acme Sessions / JSP
  • Railroading On The Great Divide (1956) / The Carter Family / The Acme Sessions / JSP
  • Cowboy (1958) / Dickson Hall / My Rifle, My Pony And Me / Bear Family
  • Don't Fence Me In (1947) / Roy Rogers / My Rifle, My Pony And Me / Bear Family
  • There's A Round-Up In The Sky (1935) / Sons Of The Pioneers / Country Music Hall of Fame / MCA
  • The Deadwood Stage (1960) / Johnny Bond / That Wild, Wicked But Wonderful West / Starday
  • Buttons And Bows (1947) / Gene Autry / 20 Golden Cowboy Hits / Tee Vee
  • How Does He Yodel? (2012) / Riders In The Sky / America's Favorite Cowboy Songs / Cracker Barrel
  • Ridin' For The Round-up (1998) / Bar J Wranglers / Headin' For The Home Corral / Self-produced
  • Bronco Twister's Prayer-Amazing Grace (1994) / Waddie Mitchell and Don Edwards / The Bard and the Balladeer / Warner Western

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