Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playlist 9/21/2008 - Bradley Kincaid, Briarhoppers, and more...

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Sometimes it is difficult to justify the work required to produce a radio show when the whole thing can be preempted at the whim of the sports department. Such was the case today when UCONN broadcast two soccer games simultaneously taking all but 30 minutes of RRP. That's not all. The entire show appears to be preempted next Sunday 28 September, reinforcing the fact that this is the most difficult time of the year to have a weekend show on WHUS.

The thing that keeps Marti and me going is a look at the dates of the songs we play. How many people will remember these collegiate athletic events 50 to 75 years from now? On the other hand, the music is still alive!

In our short time today we featured one of my favorite Hank Penny songs ("You're Bound To Look Like a Monkey"), and we finally got around to featuring a couple of songs from Bradley Kincaid. A listener who saw me at a local concert about a year ago made a request for Bradley Kincaid (who by the way spent some time on the radio in New England last century), but because most of my Bradley Kincaid music is on LP, I had taken my time getting to it. Today was the day.

We also spent some time with the (WBT) Briarhoppers, the house band of WBT radio in Charlotte, North Carolina, beginning in the 1930s. Revivalist interest caused later versions of the band to cut new records in the mid 1990s recreating the kind of music they did for the old radio shows, so we played from those records. The Blue Sky Boys (Bill and Earl Bolick from Hickory, North Carolina), Johnnie & Jack, under-recognized country artist Howard Vokes, and Hank Williams filled out the half-hour.

You can hear the show by clicking on this link to our main website ---> Listen

Thanks for listening, and keeping the music alive.


Song (Year) / Artist / Album / Label

  • You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey (When You Grow Old) (1952) / Hank Penny & His California Cowhands / The Penny Opus #1 / Jasmine
  • Long Long Ago (1933) / Bradley Kincaid / Volume 2 Favorite Old Time Songs / Old Homestead
  • Old Joe Clark (1930) / Bradley Kincaid / Volume 2 Favorite Old Time Songs / Old Homestead
  • Theme: Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie (1996) / The Briarhoppers / The Legendary Briarhoppers / Lamon
  • Smiling To Hide A Broken Heart (1996) / The Briarhoppers / The Legendary Briarhoppers / Lamon
  • Amazing Grace (1949) / Blue Sky Boys / Farm & Fun Time Favorites Volume Two / Copper Creek
  • How Can I Believe In You (1951) / Johnnie & Jack and the Tennessee Mountain Boys / [self-titled] / B.A.C.M
  • Yellow Tomb (1964) / Howard Vokes / Songs Of Tragedy and Disaster / Starday
  • I'm A Long Gone Daddy (1948) / Hank Williams / Settin' The Woods On Fire / Snapper Music

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The WBT Briarhoppers said...

Thanks for playing the Briarhoppers. We are alive and well and playing today. Go to for the latest news. You can also find info on the scholarly book written on the BHoppers. Thanks,
Tom Briarhopper Warlick
Clover, SC